Teenager guilty of horror rape attack

A teenager has been convicted of raping a woman after breaking into her Leigh home.
Liverpool Crown CourtLiverpool Crown Court
Liverpool Crown Court

Dylan Wimsey, 18, was unanimously found guilty of rape by a Liverpool Crown Court jury and now faces a lengthy custodial sentence.

Wimsey, of Chaucer Grove, Leigh, showed no emotion when the jury of six men and six women convicted him following three and a half hours deliberations.

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During the week-long trial, the court heard that the middle-aged victim was getting ready to go to bed in the early hours of December 27 last year when she heard knocking downstairs at her front door of her flat and looked out of her bathroom window to see who it was.

She saw Wimsey, who was wearing a hooded jacket and asking about another young man and she told him he did not live there and to go home.

But he did not go away and instead climbed up the side of the premises in Leigh and through the bathroom window.

The terrified woman began screaming.

The court heard that Wimsey took hold of her arm and repeated her name as if to calm her.

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But she managed to grab her mobile phone, dial 999 and ran out of her home.

She spoke to the operator briefly and said that she hoped that the man, who had followed her, would come to his senses when he saw her on the phone.

“He punched her in the face and took the mobile off her,” said Sarah Holt, prosecuting.

No-one was around and not knowing what to do she decided to go home but unfortunately he followed and he hit her again.

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He pushed her down and put his hand over her mouth to stop her screaming, pinned her to the bed and raped her, completely ignoring her screams.

When he was finished he pulled up his trousers and on hearing police sirens he said to her if it was the police he was “not bothered. I only came for a ****.”

The hearing was told that he left and police found the woman, who cannot be identified for legal reasons, in a very distressed state.

Wimsey was arrested later that morning at his home and when interviewed he admitted getting in through her bathroom window.

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He said the woman was very shocked but he calmed her down and the sat together on the sofa.

He had been drinking and had gone to her home as he wanted smoke some cannabis before bed and knew she would have some, he claimed.

Wimsey denied her allegations and claimed that after going round to her home she had initiated the sex which was consensual.

Wimsey had told the jury that he had had sex twice before with the woman when he was younger but had been too embarrassed to tell anyone.

Wimsey has been further remanded in custody to await sentence on August 30.

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