Teenage crack cocaine dealer is jailed

A teenager said to have played a key role in the “vile” crack cocaine trade on the streets of Burnley is behind bars for two years.

Thursday, 26th March 2015, 10:45 am
Mohammed Athar Miah

The town’s crown court was told how Mohammed Athar Miah (19) was earning £350 a week for his involvement and believed it was easy money.

The defendant, who had never been in trouble before, had kept quiet when questioned by police, but had confessed all to a probation officer.

Miah had been caught when police saw him dealing drugs and he was found in possession of crack cocaine worth £140 and £60 cash. His telephone SIM card revealed evidence of previous supplying.

The defendant, of Abel Street, Burnley, was sent to a Young Offenders’ Institute, after admitting possessing crack cocaine with intent to supply, last June 10th.

Prosecutor Stephen Parker said at 10-20am a plain clothes police officer was on Cleaver Street, Burnley, when his attention was drawn to a car.

A “scruffy looking man” on a mountain bike rode past the vehicle.

The officer then saw Miah approach the man on the bike, who by now was talking to the driver and he appeared to pass something to both.

The defendant was arrested and searched and had seven £20 deals of crack cocaine on him.

Mr Nick Dearing (defending) said: “His involvement within the criminal justice system has been a salutary lesson. He doesn’t present as somebody who is likely to reoffend.”

Sentencing, Recorder Michael Murray said the trade in Class A drugs was vile.

He said: “You chose to implicate yourself and play a key role in the distribution of illegal substances on the streets of Burnley. You took a risk that you wouldn’t be caught.”