Support floods in for cleared MP Nigel Evans on Twitter

Within minutes of Ribble Valley MP Nigel Evans being cleared of all counts of sex assalt and rape he faced at Preston Crown Court, social networking site Twitter was buzzing with message of support and questions about how the case came to court.

MP Nigel Evans has been cleared of sexual assault charges.
MP Nigel Evans has been cleared of sexual assault charges.

With ‘Nigel Evans’ trending across the world, messages included one from Peter Bone MP saying “Good day for Nigel Evans but why was he charged in the first place? Serious questions for the police and CPS to answer! So pleased for Nigel”.

Kate Hoey MP Tweeted: “Nigel Evans was an excellent Deputy Speaker and a lovely man. So pleased he has been found not guilty.”

Iain Dale Tweeted: “Couldn’t be happier to hear that Nigel Evans has been cleared. I’m wondering what charges can be laid at the door of the disgraceful CPS.”

Lembit Opik Tweeted: “Questions must now be asked about whether defendants deserve anonymity, as Nigel Evans has already suffered due tomedia. That is very wrong”

John Honeywell asked: “MP Nigel Evans might have been cleared of sex assault and rape charges, but surely he cannot remain an MP”

And Paul Richards asked: “The Nigel Evans case sounds like a prank gone terribly wrong. How did it reach court?”

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