Stables assaults: ex ‘Glasgow hard man’ convicted

Former Glasgow hard man Frank Carberry has been convicted of three assaults on staff at stables in Gisburn.


Blackburn magistrates heard Carberry hit a retired police inspector with his walking stick, tried to grab his testicles and then brandished a craft knife.

At the same time his pregnant daughter, Nekole Carberry, had hit another estate worker over the head with a chain.

Both had pleaded not guilty to the assaults, but were convicted after trial.

A warrant was issued for the arrest of Nekole (27), of Wallace Gate, Bishopriggs, Glasgow, who failed to attend the trial.

Frank Carberry (54), of Erroll Gardens, was remanded on bail until April 11th for the preparation of a pre-sentence report.

Carberry did not give evidence on his own behalf and is expected to lodge an appeal against conviction at the Crown Court following the conclusion of proceedings at the magistrates’ court.

The court heard Carberry had horses at the stables in Gisburn where the lease had been forfeited because of rent debts of £82,000. On the day of the incident, Carberry and his daughter turned up with the former tenant.

Three estate workers were assaulted during the incident after Carberry said he had come to get his horses.


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One witness said they had been told the day before the “Scottish Mafia” where on their way down.