Speeding drivers urged to take '˜Brake Pledge'

When it comes to road safety in this country the message couldn't be clearer: step up and take responsibility.

1000 people were asked in a recent survey conducted by road safety charity Brake of what they considered to the biggest threat facing today’s roads. Both speeding and distracted drivers came out on top. That’s why for Road Safety Week Brake are urging people to sign up to the Brake Pledge - a campaign geared towards helping save lives whilst raising awareness in an attempt to improve safety when out and about behind the wheel.

The six elements of the pledge include:

Slow: Breaking the speed limit happens all too often it pains me to say with 27 per cent of fatalities on UK roads have occurred as a result of drivers breaking the speed limit.

Sober: How many times do you come within an earshot of a member of the public saying ‘oh it will be okay I’ll just have the one’. Is it really worth it we say? Of course it’s not. Don’t be a fool and get behind the wheel if you’ve had even one drink. Just think about the risk you pose to yourself and others should you choose to ignore this advice.


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Secure: Fasten up, it couldn’t really be any simpler. Wearing a seat belt could reduce your chances of dying by 50 per cent should you come into contact with an oncoming car for example.

Silent: With the usage of social media reaching an all time high, this has never been more paramount. It goes without saying that those drivers who find themselves distracted by a mobile phone for example are three times more likely to crash than drivers who devote their full attention when behind the wheel.

Sharp: Test, test, test! Having regular eye tests should be a main priority for all those drivers out there. Road crashes caused by poor vision is estimated to cost the UK £33million per year.

Sustainable: Take the bus, the tram, cycle, even walk! Not only is exercise good for our health, reducing the amount we drive can help make our communities a safer place to live and breathe with air pollution one of the top killers within the UK.


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Gary Rae, director of communications and campaigns for Brake, said: “Road Safety Week’s theme is action-orientated. Anyone can make and share the Brake Pledge – individuals, businesses and community organisations.

“Our survey shows that drivers are aware of the threat of risky behaviour by other drivers, but are inclined to play down the riskiness of their own behaviours. Everyone who drives has to step up and take responsibility - then our roads would be safer places for everyone.”

You can make your pledge here: http://www.roadsafetyweek.org.uk/content/theme/595-make-the-brake-pledge