Son who threatened to kill his mum and stepdad after he found himself homeless, jobless and hungry faces Burnley court

A son threatened to kill his mum and stepdad after he found himself jobless, homeless and hungry, a court heard.

Monday, 25th November 2019, 11:06 am
Updated Monday, 25th November 2019, 11:07 am
A man who made terrifying threats to his mother and stepfather after he found himself homeless and without a job has appeared before Burnley Magistrates Court.

Jonathon Robinson sent a series of ranting voice mails, littered with expletives, to the couple, leaving his mum 'petrified.'

Robinson, who accused her of treating him like he didn’t exist, told her he hated her and threatened: 'I will burn you to death.'

Burnley magistrates were told how 30-year-old Robinson, who had a drink problem, told his stepfather he was going to burn the house down and teach him a lesson saying: ' You will never be able to escape me. You better ring me back,' and threatened 'I swear to God you are dead.'

Robinson, who was said to have been frustrated as he was down on his luck, sobbed when police read the emails out to him in interview.

Mr Richard Greenhough, prosecuting, said in her victim impact statement, the defendant's mother said her son sounded completely irrational in the messages and was shouting and screaming 'with venom in his voice.'

She said:"I have been sitting at home petrified.”

Her husband stated he believed Robinson would have caused him harm and carried out some of the threats.

He said: " When I get home I have had to walk up and down the street to make sure the defendant doesn’t jump out.”

Miss Laura Heywood, defending Robinson, told the court: " The defendant is upset. He was upset in interview and he cried when the voice mails were read out to him.”

The Bench was told that Robinson had been suffering from mental health issues. He was depressed and had self-harmed in the past.

Miss Heywood said there had been no further incidents adding: "It was a particularly troubling time. He had lost his employment and house within three days. He found himself on the streets with no food.”

"He rang his mum because he was hungry and wanted help. His mum had blocked him and he was very upset about that. He was drinking at the time and he sent some nasty comments to them.

"He certainly didn’t intend that any of them would be carried out.”

Miss Heywood said the defendant had now found a home, was in full-time work, had abstained from alcohol and had voluntarily attended Inspire, the treatment service.

The solicitor added: " He is certainly in a better position. He was frustrated and took it out on his mum and stepdad. I am sure his mother and stepfather are going to be happy with the steps he has taken himself.”

Robinson, of West Close Road, Barnoldswick, admitted two counts of sending a communication conveying a threatening message, on September 19th.

He was given a six-month community order with an alcohol treatment programme. The defendant was fined £50, with a £90 victim surcharge and £85 costs.

Robinson also received a 12-month restraining order, banning him from contacting the victims and from going within 50 metres of heir home in Barnoldswick.