Sisters give birth only hours apart

A FAMILY had double reason to celebrate after two sisters gave birth only hours apart.

Sisters Imrana Naureen and Mariam Irfan found out they were pregnant within days of each other last year, but never expected to give birth at the same time.

The pair were shocked to both arrive at Burnley Birth Centre and gave birth to their new-borns two hours apart.

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Both the sisters’ husbands, Mohammed Usman and Irfan Arif, who are also brothers were present, at the birth and welcomed the new infants into the world.

Mohammed and Imrana had a baby boy who they are still to name and Irfan and Mariam greeted their baby girl, Hafsa who is another addition to their young family and joins her one year old brother; Abdur Arif.

The feat of two sisters giving birth in the same place on the same day is rare and midwives at Burnley Birth Centre can’t remember it happening before.

Katriona Trafford, Midwife at Burnley Birth Centre, said: “Both ladies had already chosen to give birth at Burnley Birth Centre as the centre offers women a much more home-like birth environment and the feedback we receive from parents is overwhelmingly positive.

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“The fact they both gave birth on the same day was both a surprise to us and them as it’s a very unusual situation which we have never experienced before.

“However, both mothers had very positive births and welcomed very happy babies.

“We wish the whole family a very healthy and happy life.”