Sculptor's Oxford commission

A Burnley sculptor has seen his latest creation unveiled at the University of Oxford.

Friday, 13th May 2016, 3:53 pm
Updated Friday, 13th May 2016, 4:56 pm
Burnley sculptor Steve James, Principle Rev. D. Ralph Waller, Professor Ian Finlay, and artist Vital Peeters at Harris Manchester College, Oxford University

Metal artist Steve James Mallinson (37) described the unveiling of his steel sculpture at Harris Manchester College, Oxford, as “a very proud moment”.

His sculpture “Kindle” is a collaboration of stainless steel art work and glass work by artist Vital Peeters.

Steve said: “I’m so proud to have my sculpture at one of the Oxford colleges.

“It’s great recognition for me. The commission came about through one of college fellow, Dr Ian Finlay, who I’ve done done some private work for.

“He had seen my Kindle design on my website and decided it would be a good decorative piece for the college.

“It is great to think that students and visitors from around the world will now see my work in such prestigious surroundings.”

Steve, who lives in Pike Hill, was a pupil at Towneley High School before studying at the former Burnley College in Ormerod Road. He later worked in the sheet metal and engineering trade in the town for 22 years.

Dr Finlay said: “I chose the Kindle design because for me it represents the flame of knowledge which is what we try to kindle in those attending Harris Manchester College.”

Steve has also had two of his water sculptures shown on the BBC’s “To Build or Not to Build”.