Sabden hit by broadband and phone problems

Sabden residents are hoping for an end to telephone line problems which have plagued parts of the village.

phone buttons.
phone buttons.

Dozens of homes in the village have been hit by phone and broadband issues for two weeks.

Residents around Watt Street and Whalley Road 
reported being affected with crossed lines, phone calls being cut off and other problems.

Some BT customers have been cut off for 10 days and even St Mary’s RC Primary School had been affected, according to the newsletter to parents.

Residents believe there are not enough lines coming into the village to serve all the new homes being built.

BT engineers have been working hard to fix the technical problems and the company said it hoped to have the issues sorted this week.

Coun. Richard Newmark, who lives at The Whins, said his phone line had been 
affected for around 10 days.

“My line was crossed with St Mary’s Primary School. I have got to have a confidential line and so does the primary school.

“I have been offline for 10 days. I have reported it previously, but it seems to be a major problem, especially when you lose your broadband connection as well.”


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One Sabden homeowner, who did not want to be named, said she had been suffering broadband and phone problems for around 18 months. She said: “It has been going on for a while. I have been getting crossed calls with other houses.”

A spokesman for BT Openreach said last week: “We have had three faults reported – two from the school – and because of faults and blockages we will have to 
replace 70m of cable.

“To minimise disruption we will have to do the work overnight because digging it up will mean the road has to be closed. We hope to complete the work by May 14th.

“This type of disruption is always regrettable, but we are working hard to restore these services.”