Runners make it from '˜couch to 5k'

A group of 17 local runners have become the first graduates from Burnley Leisure's debut '˜Couch to 5k' program, completing the transformation from couch potato to runner bean at the end of the nine-week course.

Going from couch to 5k
Going from couch to 5k

The runners were rewarded for their sterling efforts with a presentation ceremony at Prairie Sports Village, where they receivedn ‘Couch to 5k’ certificates on the completion of their first 5k run at Towneley Park.

They have also been put in touch with local running clubs, inlcluding the weekly parkrun at Towneley Park so they can continue to maintain their newfound fitness and enjoy 5k runs on a regular basis.

‘Couch to 5k’ is an NHS fitness program which is run locally by Burnley Leisure’s Get in2 team, who not only seek to improve the runners’ cardiovascular fitness, but also improve strength and stamina. The second course started on at the beginning of May, offering five runs per week including two new sessions starting from Shuttleworth Community College, with other starting points for the runs on the rota including the Burnley Athletic Club Barden Track and the Thompson Park Boathouse.

As well as running the sessions, Burnley Leisure’s Up and Active team also offer free weigh-ins every Tuesday and Saturday before the scheduled ‘Couch to 5k’ runs.


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Paul Foster, Burnley Leisure’s head of development, said: “All the runners have done an amazing job – we are very proud of what they achieved. I would especially like to thank all our volunteers who have helped to make this course such a great success.”