Read man jailed for ‘thuggish’ attack outside Clitheroe pub

A READ man who carried out a “thuggish” attack on a peacemaker in Clitheroe has been jailed.

Jamie Baron was described as having headbutted, kicked and possibly even stamped on his victim.

Sales manager Mark Punchard sustained fractures of his jaw in two places, although surgery was not needed.

He had been seeking to act as a peacemaker over an altercation between a friend and the defendant outside the Dog Inn in Wellgate, Clitheroe.

Baron, now 21 and of Buckingham Drive, Read, was sent to custody for 40 weeks by a judge at Preston Crown Court. The judge told him: “Thuggery such as you have committed cannot be tolerated in any town or location.”


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Baron had admitted inflicting grievous bodily harm in the early hours of August 8th when Mr Punchard and a friend had been out together.

Miss Alison Mather (prosecuting) said there had been a small row between Baron and Mr Punchard’s friend at the bar earlier in the evening, but the matter seemed to have ended.

The two friends left the Dog Inn around 1-45 a.m.. The defendant was seen looking at the friend in a “rather aggressive way”. Another row then arose and Mr Punchard went to act as peacemaker.

He had a conversation with both men, but had no recollection of events after that. The friend said Baron headbutted Mr Punchard, who then stumbled backwards and fell to the floor. He was kicked and possibly had his head stamped on as well.


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Baron was 20 when convicted of the offence. As of last month, Mr Punchard still had scarring from his injury.

Mr James Heyworth (defending) said: “This is his first offence of violence and it is conceded it is a very significant and serious offence. On this occasion he behaved appallingly, but it was nonetheless out of character.

“There is genuine remorse and regret for his behaviour. It is often said ‘there but for the grace of God’, that it is fortunate a murder or manslaughter did not result.”