‘Racist’ must pay up £100 to Burnley pub landlady he abused

A “RACIST” who abused a Burnley pub landlady after she refused to serve him has been ordered to pay her £100 compensation.

Mohammed Miah (21) called Stephanie Monks, who had thought he was underage “a white bitch” and “white trash” and asked her if she wanted a slap, but claimed she was racist, the town’s crown court heard.

Miah also told the husband of a customer who pointed out that it didn’t matter what colour he was, he would not get served if he was not old enough: “Keep your woman under control.”

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The defendant, who was recognised from CCTV footage, was arrested and denied making racist or abusive remarks.

Miah was told by a judge that he needed to grow up and stop drinking. He was warned that if he did not comply with the sentence she was passing, he would end up behind bars.

Judge Beverly Lunt added: “You are 21, but you don’t behave as though you are 21 and how dare you use language like that. Don’t you ever use language like that to a woman or anybody else, ever again.”

The defendant, of Gordon Street, Burnley, had admitted racially aggravated fear or provocation of violence. He was given a 12-month community order, with 150 hours of unpaid work and six months’ supervision. He must pay £250 costs and £100 compensation. Miah had no previous convictions.

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Sara Dodd (prosecuting) said that the incident took place at the Wheatsheaf pub, Colne Road, Burnley, just before 10 p.m.

The defendant and a friend asked for a pint of beer but Stephanie Monks thought neither were old enough and asked them to leave.

Miss Dodd said that the victim began to usher the pair towards the door, they had a conversation which was not in English and when she asked them what they were saying, Miah told her she was being racist. When they got outside, he called her “white trash”.

Mr Andrew Marrs (defending) said: “There is a lack of direction in his life.”

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