Priest’s petition to protect Christians in Iraq

A Catholic priest in Clitheroe is rallying support on social networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook for the plight of Christians in Iraq.

Father Frankie Mulgrew
Father Frankie Mulgrew

Father Frankie Mulgrew, who is the assistant parish priest at St Michael and St John’s RC Church has started an online petition, which almost 900 people have already added their support to. It asks the Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond MP to grant safe asylum to Iraqi Christians.

Father Frankie explained: “The French Government have already taken such steps and the encouragement is for the UK Government to take decisive action against the atrocities that are happening to Iraqi Christians by sending aid and offering safe asylum to the UK for those fleeing for their lives.”

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Father Frankie added: “When you’re growing up and going to school you learn in history lessons about atrocities and genocides and you think to yourself never again, surely that can’t happen in my lifetime and then it does and you feel helpless. No belief, no matter how strong, should be allowed to cause such grievous attacks and atrocities, threatening the rights and religious freedom of every individual.”