Violent crime and child sexual exploitation to be targeted by Burnley Council

Violent crime, domestic abuse and child sexual exploitation will be targeted by Burnley councillors as priorities next week.
Burnley Town HallBurnley Town Hall
Burnley Town Hall

Councillors are set to receive an update on the community safety priorities for their borough over the coming years.

Burnley Council’s Executive is being asked to approve a draft community safety plan which highlights the main priorities it should help tackle in the borough until 2021.

Those priorities are identified as:

• Violent Crime

• Domestic abuse

• Child sexual exploitation

• Road Safety

• Burglary

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The reports sets out a number of examples of work that has had a positive effect on tackling crime and anti-social behaviour.

Ten new alley gate schemes will be completed in the borough by the end of the the current financial year, providing extra security for 246 properties in areas highlighted as experiencing high levels of anti-social behavior and crime related to the rear of properties

A multi-agency working group is targeting commercial properties that are involved in illegal activity, for example selling illicit tobacco and alcohol, or “tapping into” power supplies.

Burnley and Pendle are piloting a process that involves utilising other civil actions to those licensed premises that continue to sell illicit tobacco and are linked to wider criminal activity. The pilot will run alongside and compliment the current review process.

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In partnership with schools in Burnley a number of sessions have been delivered to year 10 and 11 students, covering awareness and advice relating to domestic abuse and the exploitation of young people. This will be expanded during 2018/19 with further sessions aimed at young people planned.

Burnley has been recognised for its work to tackle domestic abuse and has been awarded White Ribbon status, highlighting the council and its partner’s commitment not to tolerate or condone any form of domestic abuse.

A Youth Panel has been developed to respond to reports of anti-social behavior involving young people in “hot spot” areas of the borough. As a result anti-social behavior continues to fall.

Coun. Lian Pate, the executive member for community safety, said: “We have to find ways of working together more effectively with partners to tackle crime and anti-social behaviour in light of the severe funding cuts to the police, local authorities and other organisations.

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“There isn’t a magic wand we can wave to make things right but that doesn’t mean we aren’t committed to doing what we can to make our communities safer and improve the quality of life for residents.

“Burnley Council will continue to work closely with the police and others in our borough and across east Lancashire to find ways to make our communities safer and better.”

Burnley, Blackburn with Darwen and Rossendale councils have formed a strategic partnership to pool their resources and learn from each other's best practice. The community safety priorities are reviewed every three years to ensure they properly address local needs and issues.