More than a dozen empty homes in Burnley to be given facelift under council scheme

A total of 16 empty homes are to be bought by Burnley Council which is also proposing facelifts on houses on four streets.

By Bill Jacobs
Sunday, 10th July 2022, 3:46 pm

The improvement programme being recommended to senior councillors also includes the building of a disabled friendly property for a family.

An update on Burnley Council’s Empty Homes Programme is to be debated by the authority’s ruling Executive on Thursday night.

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A total of 16 empty homes are to be bought by Burnley Council

A report by housing project officer John Killion seeks approval to ‘to make several Compulsory Purchase Orders for long-term vacant properties in the private sector’.

He also asks for ‘approval for a programme of external property facelifting works on Albion Street Padiham, Wytham Street Padiham, and to the rears of Windsor Street and Ivory Street in Burnley;.

It also ‘seeks approval to build a property on the site of 10A Briercliffe Road, suitable for a family with a disabled member using Better Care Funding’.

The 16 empty homes earmarked for compulsory purchase are 18 Russell Terrace, Padiham; 22 Wythburn Close, Burnley; 25 Crow Wood, Burnley; 38 Woodbine Road, Burnley; 12 and 39 Herbert Street, Burnley; 47 Piccadilly Road, Burnley; 7 Parkinson Street Burnley; 80 Reed Street, Burnley; 17, 23 and 25 Thurston Street, Burnley; 24 Newman Street, Burnley; 10A Briercliffe Road, Burnley; 91 Basnett Street, Burnley; and 18 Raglan Road Burnley.

The report says the compulsorily purchased homes will be ‘disposed of in accordance with the council’s disposal of empty dwellings policy or to Calico Homes.’

It recommends that ‘the head of legal services be authorised to agree terms for the acquisition of the properties, to acquire the properties in this report by agreement’.

The report says: “The proceeds from the sale of the 16 properties should recycled back into the Empty Homes Programme for further acquisitions and renovations.

“The owners of these properties have been contacted and have either not responded at all or have given no reasonable proposals for renovating the property or bringing it back into housing use.

“These properties are long-term vacant properties, being empty in one case for 19 years.

“Without intervention by the council the properties may remain vacant, continue to deteriorate, attract anti-social behaviour, fly-tipping and arson.

“The acquisition and renovation of the vacant properties will enable the council to bring them back into use, which will improve the environment for residents in the vicinity.”