Lancashire County Council elections - Burnley and Padiham latest

Here are the latest results from today's elections.

Friday, 5th May 2017, 12:05 pm
Updated Tuesday, 9th May 2017, 6:53 pm
The people of Burnley have had their say

Candidates in bold have won their seat.

Burnley Central East:Laura Fisk (Green Party)

Sobia Malik (Labour)

Emma Payne (Lib Dems)

Ellen Sunter (Conservative).

Burnley South West:

Bill Brindle (Independent)

Ceri Carmichael (Green Party)

Dale Ferrier (Conservative)

Lian Pate (Labour)

Jeff Sumner (Lib Dems).

Padiham and Burnley West:

Ivor Emo (Conservative)

Gavin Hartley (TUSC Against Cuts)

Alan Hosker (UKIP)

Marcus Johnstone (Labour)

Mark Payne (Lib Dem)

Anne Whittles (Green Party).

Burnley North East:

Gordon Birtwistle (Lib Dems)

Terry Burns (Labour)

David Heginbotham (Conservative)

Jai Redman (Green Party).

Still to be announced.

Burnley Central West:

Tom Commis (UKIP)

Andy Fewings (Green Party)

Tony Martin (Labour)

Neil Mottershead (Lib Dems)

Andrew Newhouse, (Conservatives)

David Roper (Independent)

Burnley Rural:

Barbara Baldwin (Green Party)

Margaret Brindle (Independent)

Tracy Kennedy (Lib Dems)

Lubna Khan (Labour)

Cosima Towneley (Conservative)

Alison Williams (UKIP).