General Election 2017: Tom Commis - UKIP

The coming years represent a great opportunity for Burnley.

Wednesday, 7th June 2017, 10:24 am
Updated Thursday, 8th June 2017, 3:41 pm
Tom Commis

If we make the right decisions now we can build a prosperous town in the future. If we get energy prices down to compete with other European countries we can get better paying jobs into our town.

If we adopt a sensible Australian style immigration system we can manage our labour supply and increase wages and we can ensure that working people get on the first rung of the housing ladder.

Last year’s vote to leave the EU was the first step. We voted for Brexit by a two to one majority here yet our decision is under threat. We are told by the Lib-Dems that we didn’t know what we were voting for and must vote again whilst Jeremy Corbyn refuses to confirm that we’d definitely leave if he won the election. Even the Conservatives cannot be trusted as Theresa May has recently hinted that she won’t seek to regain our fishing grounds and will still make annual contributions to the EU budget. If we are to grasp the opportunities before us we need politicians at Westminster who believe in those opportunities, not the doom mongers of Labour and the Lib-Dems or the timid half-hearted Brexit proposed by Mrs May.

People are putting aside their usual preferences and voting tactically in this election, those who want our country to remain in thrall to Brussels and continue sending our money abroad will choose candidates on that basis.

If you voted for Brexit last year, or are one of the Remain voters who now want the government to get on with enacting our decision I’m asking you to back me and UKIP as the only real Brexit candidate in Burnley, we all know the Conservatives cannot win here and they have nothing to offer our town economically.

If I’m elected my priorities will be ensuring that working people can buy a first home by extending ‘Help to Buy’ schemes to existing, cheaper properties not just new builds, lowering energy prices for both consumers and industry and making affordable childcare available so parent who want to return to work can do so.

These priorities all aim at keeping more of the money you earn in your pocket where it belongs.

Perhaps just as importantly you’ll have an MP who is not encumbered by party whips or hopes of advancement and is free to represent your views in Parliament.