General Election 2017: Paul White - Conservatives

Paul WhitePaul White
Paul White
It's the greatest honour of my life to stand to represent you. I was born in Burnley and have lived in East Lancashire all my life.

For too long our area has been going backwards under Labour and the Lib Dems, and I think Burnley and Padiham deserve better. This is our big chance to bring positive change and improve our area, and I think me and Theresa May will be the team to do that. We’ve got a plan to put Burnley and Padiham back on track:

A plan: For Brexit

I campaigned to Leave the EU, and 66% of residents here did too. I’m the only candidate who can work to make a success of Brexit locally, and will strengthen the Prime Minister’s hand at the negotiating table. Labour and the Lid Dems locally campaigned to stay in, and I think we should have an MP who represents the views of the majority.

A plan: For Education

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Attainment of children in Burnley is the second lowest in Lancashire. I will establish the Burnley Challenge, to attract funding, set up Teaching Schools and encourage schools to work more closely to improve standards.

A plan: For the NHS

The Government has already invested more than £20million for redevelopment at Burnley General Hospital. I’ll fight tooth and nail to protect the services we have there. I’ll work with the Hospital Trust to expand services, and continue to push for future Government investment. Labour’s only track record is closing our A&E, and unlike the Lib Dems, I won’t make promises that I can’t keep.

A plan: For Jobs and Growth

Wages in Burnley are below the North West average. The key to the prosperity of our area is more highly paid jobs and growing businesses. I will work to attract Government investment to help businesses expand and promote advanced manufacturing and Apprenticeships.

A plan: For the Vulnerable

Burnley is the most deprived area in Lancashire, because of years of inaction. We need to change that. I will establish the Burnley Foundation, which will raise money to tackle some of the most serious issues in our society, like homelessness, mental health, abuse and deprivation.

A plan: For our High Streets

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Footfall has declined on our High Streets, and that’s led to more empty shops. I’ll work with leading High Street advisors to create High Streets fit for the future, meeting the needs of a modern society and supporting nightlife.

A plan: For Accountability

I think it’s important that our Council is held to account for how they spend your money. They’ve just spent £3million on resurfacing Burnley Town Centre. I will make sure I hold the Labour Council to account with everything they do.

In current polling for Burnley, it’s between the Conservatives and Labour here. The Lib Dems are out in third place. If you agree with my plan, please support me on June 8th.