Burnley Green Party leader's delight at "historic" county council win

The leader of the Green group on Burnley Council has become only the party's second representative on Lancashire County Council.

Andy Fewings leapt from fourth place in the Burnley Central West division at the last County Hall election in 2017 to secure what he described as an "historic" first county council seat for the Greens in East Lancashire.

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He said he was delighted to see the "Green surge" in the town, with the party also breaking through the 1,000-vote mark in the Burnley Rural division.

Andy Fewings - a second Green Party representative on Lancashire County Council

“For years people in the borough have felt let down by politics but can now see that another way is possible.

“It is hardworking Green supporters, members and councillors who have shown that we don’t take people for granted. Instead, we try to do what it takes in order to help improve their lives.

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“Other parties try to exploit people’s fears to gain their votes. The Green Party encourages hope and a vision for a better and more prosperous society.

"I am glad the people of Burnley Central West share our vision and I would like to thank them for putting their faith in me," he said.

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The Green victory saw Labour former cabinet member Tony Martin was ousted from the seat he had held since 2013, pushed back into fourth place in the division.

County Cllr Dowding said she was looking forward to the difference two Greens could make to Lancashire at County Hall.

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"I am so delighted Andy has been elected for the Greens representing the east of the county. He will bring his passion for fairness and getting things done for the people he represents.

“We will be able to work together to push for action to transform Lancashire's economy and reap the benefits in terms of creating training and green jobs, better public transport and infrastructure for walking and cycling - and ensuring quality services near to where people live,” County Cllr Dowding added.

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Overall, the Conservatives retained control at County Hall, securing 48 seats to Labour's 32.