Clarets chairman believes Brexit is damaging the club

The chairman of Burnley Football Club is calling for a 'People's vote on Brexit' because he believes it will have a damaging effect on the club and others.
Mike GarlickMike Garlick
Mike Garlick

Describing the process as 'destructive', Mike Garlick said he wants a people's vote on the final deal because he was extremely concerned about how the Brexit-linked hit to the value of the pound and the Government’s pledge to end freedom of movement will make it more difficult to compete in future.

The top man at Turf Moor has made the comments despite 66.6% of the people of Burnley voting in favour of Britain leaving the EU. He was joined by Stoke City chairman Peter Coates in expressing his concerns over Brexit.

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Mr Garlick said: "The destructive Brexit path being pursued by the Government threatens to have a hugely damaging effect on football clubs across the country. It threatens to make the widening inequality gap in our top division even worse.

“The hit to the value of the pound against the euro, largely caused by Brexit uncertainty, is already making it harder for clubs to sign players. And ending freedom of movement will make it much more difficult for teams to attract the right talent, if the Government brings in more restrictive conditions for work visas for players from Europe.

“The Brexit that was promised in 2016 is clearly not the one that’s being delivered. That’s why I support a People’s Vote on the final Brexit deal, and why I am urging others to join the campaign as well.”

On June 22nd 2016, the day before the Brexit referendum, the pound was worth 1.30 against the euro. Today, the pound is worth approximately 1.12 against the euro.

Prime Minister Theresa May has repeatedly pledged to end freedom of movement since the Brexit vote in 2016.