Burnley's Local Plan could create 4,400 new jobs and 3,880 new homes in borough

Burnley's much discussed Local Plan, which sets out potential future locations for homes and industry in the borough, has identified the scope for 4,400 new jobs and 3,880 new homes in the coming years.
Burnley's Local Plan has finally been adoptedBurnley's Local Plan has finally been adopted
Burnley's Local Plan has finally been adopted

Councillors voted to adopt the latest, final version in a meeting at Burnley Town Hall.

The adoption of the plan follows an examination undertaken by an independent inspector appointed by the Secretary of State for Housing, Communities and Local Government. The inspector’s report on the plan concluded that it is legally compliant, and with specific modifications, is sound.

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Leader of the council, Coun. Mark Townsend said the Local Plan would create more choice for Burnley residents in terms of houses, work and leisure. He added that building would be prioritised on brownfield sites.

The local Labour leader said: “It is great news for the future of our borough that we have agreed this plan. The plan sets the framework for the borough’s economic growth. Over the next 20 years, the allocation of new employment sites has the potential to create 4,400 new jobs, while 3,880 high quality new homes means more choice for those wishing to live in Burnley.

"The plan also supports the growth of the retail and leisure sector in Burnley town centre. For years residents have told the council they want to see a wider choice of housing, more job opportunities and better shops balanced with quality green spaces. This plan, developed on a ‘brownfield first’ approach, helps us to achieve those goals.

“Adopting a local plan is one of the most important decisions our local democracy makes. I would like acknowledge the contribution of all those that helped shape it, including every resident and local business that gave their views. I know that not everyone will agree with it, but the plan has been subject to the most rigorous of tests. It will provide a strong foundation for the sustainable growth of our borough.”

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The Local Plan covers the whole of the borough. It sets the statutory framework for all planning matters, excluding matters relating to minerals and waste. These are dealt with by a plan prepared by Lancashire County Council.

A separate gypsy and traveller site allocation development plan document will be produced at a later date.

Copies of the plan as adopted and the accompanying adopted Policies Map, the Sustainability Appraisal Report, the inspector’s report and copies of the adoption notice are available to download at: https://www.burnley.gov.uk/residents/planning/planning-policy.