Burnley MP brands decision to give Trump state visit as "offensive"

Julie Cooper MP
Julie Cooper MP

Burnley MP Julie Cooper has hit out at the Government's decision to give new US President Donald Trump an official State Visit, branding the decision "offensive".

The Labour MP did not hold back in her criticism of President Trump, who she described as a "misogynistic, racist bully".

Mrs Cooper said: "I voted against Trump’s State visit as his behaviour so far suggests that he is a misogynistic, racist bully and presents a real threat to world peace. His actions this week have been provocative in the extreme.

"I think that even the Tory administration get this but they are so desperate to ‘do deals’ that they are choosing to say that who the U.S. allows to cross its borders is none of our business.

I believe that the Government’s attitude is irresponsible and the decision to grant Trump the honour of a State Visit is offensive. I genuinely believe that the world should not stand back and tolerate the demonisation of various groups on the basis of nationality or religion.

"I would further say that, if this goes unchallenged, it will lead to greater evils. History has shown us that appeasement does not work.

"This week I was pleased to join the thousands of people who took to the streets of London to protest against President Trump’s intended State Visit, whilst the travel ban stands.

"Whether the ban is temporary or not is hardly the issue; it should not be in place at all.”

See Tuesday's Express for Mrs Cooper's full statement on the issue.