Burnley Borough Council elections 2019: Labour loses council majority

Labour has lost five seats in the Burnley Borough Council elections and no longer maintains a town hall majority.
Labour now holds 22 seats on Burnley CouncilLabour now holds 22 seats on Burnley Council
Labour now holds 22 seats on Burnley Council

The party now holds 22 seats on the council followed by eight Lib Dems, five Burnley and Padiham Independent Party members, four Conservatives, three UKIP, two Green Party and one independent councillor.

Here is the full list of results from this year's Burnley Borough Council elections:

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Bank Hall: Martyn Hurt (Green) 244, Sehrish Lone (Lab) 968, Nicola Thompson (Con) 167.

Briercliffe: Mark Alker (Green) 136, Brian Cooper (Lab) 188, Anne Kelly (Lib Dem) 825, Susan Nutter (Con) 167.

Brunshaw: Janet Hall (Green) 201, Steven Smith (National Front) 182, Rosemary Sunter (Con) 187, Mark Townsend (Lab) 548.

Cliviger with Worsthorne: Stuart Calderbank (UKIP) 407, Peter Pike (Lab) 217, Cosima Towneley (Con) 703, Edward Wight (Green) 193.

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Coal Clough with Deerplay: James Anderson (Burnley and Padiham Independent) 345, Howard Baker (Lib Dem) 375, David Heginbotham (Con) 150, Bill Horrocks (Labour) 291, Stephen Murphy (Green) 92.

Daneshouse with Stoneyholme: Alex Hall (Green) 92, Claire Ingham (Con) 61, Wajid Khan (Lab) 1,453.

Gannow: Charlie Briggs (Burnley and Padiham Independent Party) 865, Joanne Broughton (Con) 96, Peter Kenyon (Lab) 190, Jai Redman (Green) 82.

Gawthorpe: Phillip Clarke (Con) 148, John Harbour (Lab) 550, Karen Ingham (UKIP) 541, Clare Long-Summers (Green) 105.

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Hapton with Park: Jean Cunningham (Lab) 318, Peter Gill (UKIP) 752, Clare Hales (Green) 297, Aaron Lewis (Con) 163.

Lanehead: Crissie Harter (Green) 140, Pippa Lishman (Lib Dem) 370, Narayana Picton (Con) 143, Ann Royle (Lab) 655.

Queensgate: Nigel Baldwin (Green) 164, Judith Cunliffe (Lib Dem) 182, Mohammed Ishtaq (Lab) 1,008, Diane Sunter (Con) 181.

Rosegrove with Lowershouse: Pauline Baldwin (Green) 126, Gail Barton (Lab) 362, Lorraine Mehanna (Burnley and Padiham independent Party) 574, Tom Watson (Con) 122.

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Rosehill with Burnley Wood: Dave Alexander (Burnley and Padiham independent Party) 260, Margaret Brindle (Lab) 291, Phil Chamberlain (Con) 119, Tracy Kennedy (Liberal Democrat) 533, Georgina Ormrod (Green) 78.

Trinity: Stephanie Forrest (Burnley and Padiham independent Party) 107, Sarah Hall (Green) 770, Liz Monk (Lab) 209, Michael Paterson (Con) 35, Jan Weaver (Lib Dem) 36.

Whittlefield with Ightenhill: Laura Fisk (Green) 590, Kathryn Haworth (Lib Dem) 59, Emma Payne (Burnley and Padiham Independent Party) 593, Shaun Sproule (Lab) 147, Donald Whitaker (Con) 401.