Bid to stop future floods in Padiham

Nearly a year on from the devastating Boxing Day Padiham floods, a local councillor has outlined what has been done to prevent it happening again.

Borough and county councillor Marcus Johnstone has been working with the Environment Agency in conjunction with the two authorities to overcome the problems that were left behind after the water subsided.

Coun. Johnstone said: “There was immediate work done to help clean up the damage done as a result of the floods, but also longer term work.

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“Longer term flood risk management work includes a new scheme for Padiham (to reduce risk of flooding from the River Calder and Green Brook) which is being actively explored.

“A potential scheme could include flood storage options upstream of the town as well as new raised flood walls through the town.

“Detailed modelling is needed but a new flood storage basin upstream of Padiham sounds the best bet.”

The Environment Agency has made a bid for funding from the additional flood risk funds which will be announced in the Chancellor’s Autumn Statement on November 23rd.

Work in Padiham since December’s flooding includes:

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• Green Brook at Back Melbourne Street: The Environment Agency is arranging for access to remove debris from the channel. LCC Highways, which owns the wall adjacent to Back Melbourne Street has now agreed to repair its section.

Next week, topographical and geotechnical surveys are being carried out. This will show how the repair work should be done.

Coun. Johnstone added: “I am concerned about the fencing at the top of the collapse and this will now be improved. A pedestrian parapet is on order and will be installed in front of the existing Herras fencing.

“We have also been successful in bidding for funds to remove silt and gravel from under the bridge, this work is now in the EA maintenance programme and will be undertaken as soon as possible.”