Police warning after pensioner targeted in phone scam

Police are warning people to be vigilant after callous fraudsters targeted an elderly woman.

The woman was contacted on her landline on several occasions from a company stating that she had over paid bank charges and was due a large refund.

In order to obtain her refund she was told that she would need to pay a £149 admin fee and was given a bank account number and sort code to take to her local bank to pay it.

She was told once the admin fee had been paid that they would then drop her cheque off for her.

A police spokesman said: “Please be advised that banks do not operate in this way and should anyone contact you with a similar request do not pay any money and simply contact Action Fraud online on www.actionfraud.police.uk or by phone on 03001232040.


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“In many cases these calls are made to vulnerable people so please take the time to speak to anyone you know who could possibly be targeted and share this with your friends and family.”