Police step up Christmas crime blitz

Lancashire Police have issued a safety warning to ensure businesses keep their property and money safe this Christmas.

Keeping crime out of your Christmas.
Keeping crime out of your Christmas.

Officers have been providing crime prevention advice to businesses before the festive period as part of a regional campaign to reduce the risk of robberies and thefts.

The move is part of Operation Vault, which will see police carrying out operations throughout December to prevent such crimes.

Supt Simon Giles of Lancashire Police, said: “We are stepping up our fight against criminals who carry out robberies of commercial and financial premises.

“In the run up to the festive period many businesses enjoy an increase in takings, so we want to raise awareness of such crimes to encourage businesses to take crime prevention steps to avoid becoming a victim.”

Police have been offering advice to businesses such as ensuring alarms are fully operational and subject to an immediate response, being mindful of any suspicious activity on the premises during opening hours, and reporting all suspicious activity to the police.

Supt Giles added: “Police patrols will routinely be deployed across the county to monitor cash deliveries and collections, if local businesses want the support of the police they should let us know.”

Officers will also be deployed across the county to deter and disrupt organised robberies and thefts as part of the campaign.