PHOTOS: Cars and Coffee '˜first' is a Powerfest hit

Pendle Powerfest's first Cars and Coffee at Rolls-Royce Leisure in Barnoldswick proved to be a huge success with an unprecedented number of vehicles and people in attendance.

In the spirit of the Pendle Powerfest brand, inclusivity was definitely the theme of the day.

Vehicles of all shapes and sizes turned up in their droves throughout the event.

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And some were forced to take a drive and enjoy Pendle’s scenic roads until a space became available.

Event Organiser Chris Walker said: “With space for around 200 vehicles on site we thought it was going to be big enough, the turnout has been fantastic.”

A combination of a mild spring Saturday and charity fundraising for The Encephalitis Society meant that owners travelled from all directions of up to two hours drive away to be part of the event.

With vehicles as diverse as pre-war vintage trucks, American Low-riders, rally cars, modified cars, Minis, motorbikes old and new to some of the latest supercars there really was something for everyone.

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Catering was provided by Rolls-Royce Leisure Social Club with staff having to go out for supplies twice to keep up with demand.

Manager Catherine Oldfield was really happy with the day and pleased that lots of people had been in to see what the club offers to everyone and not just employees of Rolls-Royce as is often assumed.

Rolls-Royce will be making a donation to The Pendle Powerfest Charity Fund from the catering profits.

Due to large demand the Pendle Powerfest team are now planning some more dates to repeat the event.

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And at the same time they are still working hard towards their main family charity motorshow which is to take place later in the year.

Pendle Powerfest - The Italian Job Special takes place on Sunday, May 29th, at Nelson and Colne College in Reedyford Road, Nelson.

Further information about Pendle Powerfest can be found on their website or on the organisation’s Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Flickr pages.