World Day of Prayer at Burnley church

St Catherine's CE Church, BurnleySt Catherine's CE Church, Burnley
St Catherine's CE Church, Burnley
"Rise, take your mat and walk" was the theme for this year's uplifiting World Day of Prayer service, celebrated at Burnley's St Catherine's Church.

The church in Todmorden Road took part in the global service, which this year was prepared by women from Zimbabwe.

The service is prepared by a different country each year, and it is the turn of the United Kingdom in 2022, with the same service taking place throughout the world on the same day.

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Mayor of Burnley, Coun. Anne Kelly read a Bible passage at the sevice while members of the committee read the other passages from the service.

Linda Sawley, who attended, said: "The congregation was challenged about the story from differing aspects, and were asked the following questions: where in our lives and communities do we need to hear Jesus' life-changing question 'do you want to be made well? What are the obstacles or excuses that hinder our transformation? What does rise, take your mat and walk mean to us?"

Girls from Blessed Trinity RC College alos attended and lit candles at the beginning of the service representing love, peace and reconciliation. They also performed readings and distributed bookmarks at the end of the service.

A follow-up meeting will be held on Monday March 30th at 1-45pm, at St Mary's Parish rooms, behind St Mary's RC Church, in Yorkshire Street.