Waste Not Feast More: 19 pictures of people enjoying an amazing five-course charity dinner in aid of Burnley Community Grocery

Foodies descended on the town centre last Thursday to enjoy an amazing five-course charity dinner.

Burnley Together hosted a special event, Waste Not, Feast More, at Down Town Kitchen & Cafe in Charter Walk to help pay for meals for struggling people.

The event also aimed to inspire people to waste less food, with Burnley Leisure & Culture chefs whipping up mouth-watering creations using more than 80% of ingredients that were still edible but would have otherwise been chucked out, like vegetable off-cuts or products taken off supplier shelves due to damaged packaging.

Diners enjoyed a delicious fine dining-style menu, starting with a roasted red pepper risotto with aubergine caviar and herb oil, followed by a demitasse (a small cup) of white onion soup. To refresh their palette, they then indulged in an orange and winter spice granita, a semi-frozen dessert.

The main was a pork fillet with a pulled pork bon bon, dauphinoise potatos, carrot and swede textures, and calvados jus while the poached apple crumble with Biscoff crumb, apple puree, and crème anglaise made for the sweetest ending to a fabulous evening.

Here are 19 pictures of people enjoying the event in aid of Burnley Community Grocery:

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