Video: Burnley dad of two is the 'one million pound man' in double fundraising challenge of a lifetime

A Burnley dad is taking on two challenges of a lifetime.. and one of those is to raise £1M for Pendleside Hospice.

Shaun Foxcroft has signed up to take part in what is reputed to be the world's toughest race, known as the Dragon's Back Race.

A multi-day race running across mountains from North to South Wales, the ascents involved add up to twice the height of Mount Everest. The name refers to the legendary Welsh Dragon and this year a sixth day has been added to the challenge which will see competitors finish at Cardiff Castle.

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But that's not all. Shaun has also pledged to raise £1M for the hospice. And he is determined to reach that goal, however long it takes.

Shaun, with his sons Charlie and Joseph, has pledged to raise £1M for Pendleside Hospice

Shaun, who is 37 and dad to Charlie (12) and five-year-old Joseph, said: " I know the target is high, but it's only 100,000 kind people with a spare £10. If you have it spare, please donate.

"This is not an adventure to be taken lightly; training has begun and it is tough and challenging but that's the reason I am doing this."

And Shaun hopes to get the people of Burnley and Pendle on board with the launch of his own project called Pendleside Warriors' challenge. This involves community groups, schools and businesses committing to raising money for his Road to Dragon's Back campaign. On a chosen date Shaun will then run to each business and have a photo taken with a 'big cheque' handover.

Once complete Shaun will produce a map of Burnley showing the route he has run with a little piece about what each business has done towards the hospice challenge.

Shaun with his partner Cheryl Jackson who is selling Pendleside Hospice cupcakes at her Burnley shop, Cuppa Cakes, throughout April and May to raise money

He said: "The idea comes from the reason why I'm doing this for Pendleside. I would like everyone to come together and make a massive push for our community on the back end of a very difficult time.

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"If those warriors at the hospice are prepared to get in those trenches everyday and fight and support our friends and families, then we as a community should get up, run, walk and fight for them.

"We are the warriors and warriors don't sit back and do nothing while others suffer."

One of Shaun's favourite places to run is Pendle Hill. He describes it as his 'happy place' in a nod to Burnley's own Jordan North who became a TV hit in reality show 'I'm A Celebrity...' when he described Turf Moor as his 'happy place.' Jordan is also an ambassador for the hospice.

Shaun pictured hard at work in training around Pendle Hill
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Taking part in the race is the fulfilment of a major life goal for Shaun, who works at Tesco in Burnley, as he wants to thank the hospice for helping his family when he suffered the loss of two of his closest relatives, his uncle and grandmother.

Shaun said: "They were two very different people but they both were such big influences in my life and meant the world to me and I miss them so much.

"My uncle was funny and lively and made me laugh and my grandma was someone who was an amazing support to me who taught me always to do the right thing."

Shaun also helps out at his partner Cheryl Jackson's shop, Cuppa Cakes in Burnley. And the Standish Street bakery is selling Pendleside cupcakes every Friday and Saturday throughout April and May with 50 pence from each cake sold going to the hospice.

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Shaun, who regularly posts videos of his training regime on YouTube, has also thrown out a challenge for anyone who fancies racing him up Pendle Hill, with him on foot and his competitor on a bike.

He added: "If anyone has any challenges in mind for me to get involved with I hope they will contact me."

Anyone who would like to make a donation to Shaun's campaign is asked to click HERE