Valuation day for treasures of northern art

Is life up north colourful? The answer is most certainly yes if it comes to modern paintings depicting the region.

Watercolour by Edwin Beattie:  ‘Mrs Parkinson’s House’
Watercolour by Edwin Beattie: ‘Mrs Parkinson’s House’

So says Steven Parkinson from the Lancashire Lakes and Rural valuation office of Adam Partridge auctioneers and valuers.

Tomorrow by appointment free valuations of northern art are being offered at Steven’s Catterall office at the Beacon retail park, in the run-up to the company’s bi-annual Northern Art auction in October.

Steven said: “When people think of northern art they immediately think of Lowry, but there are so many more and there’s a lot of modern northern artists that are commanding high sums and are being bought as investments...and many paintings today show more colourful representations of life up north.”

'Isla' by Steve Townsend


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Paintings so far entered in the sale include an original watercolour by Preston artist Edwin Beattie ‘Mrs Parkinson’s House’ of a property in Catterall,(estimated sale price £80 -£100), an original Steven Townsend watercolour ‘Isla’ of a border collie (estimated sale price £4,000 - £6,000) and paintings entitled ‘One Man Band’, ‘Use the ship canal’ and ‘Tobogganing’ by the Manchester born self taught artist Fred Wilde, (estimated sale price £150 -£300).

Steven added that he believed northerners had great pride in their industrial heritage but it was also necessary to recognise progress and the beautiful north west landscape: "People automatically think of figures wearing flat caps and bleak smoke belting from chimneys around northern terrace house towns when all us northerners know full well that that doesn’t represent us at all."

‘Tobogganing’ by the Manchester born artist Fred Wilde
'Use The Ship Canal' by Fred Wilde