TIME'S UP: Hundreds sign petition backing calls to end 24-hour drinking in Burnley

A petition calling for an end to 24-hour drinking in Burnley has been signed by more than 800 people.

Wednesday, 10th March 2021, 12:30 pm
The Time's Up campaign wants to abolish 24-hour drinking in Burnley

Bar owners in town launched the Time's Up campaign last week in response to a "toxic" all-night drinking scene they believe is dragging Burnley s reputation into the gutter.

Their aim, through working alongside other bar owners, Burnley Council and the police, is to implement more sensible closing times, putting a stop to drunken revellers wandering the streets at 6am.

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TIME'S UP: Burnley bar owners launch campaign to call time on town's 'toxic' 24-...

Venues were given the green light to apply for extended opening hours in 2005 when the Licensing Act came into force.

However, many feel its introduction has had a detrimental effect on Burnley nightlife, with drinkers choosing to go out in surrounding towns earlier knowing they can arrive back in Burnley at a far later time to carry on drinking.

Since the campaign was announced, The Burnley Express has been inundated with messages of support backing the proposals.

Many have expressed sadness over the town's demise in recent years branding it a "ghost town" before midnight, and one they no longer feel safe going out in.

Here are a selection of the views from across social media:

David Greenwood: "What was once a great night out as been turned into a no go town for us, you can get the feeling of menace at certain bars at certain times. We feel much safer in bars in Liverpool Manchester and Darwen."

Chris Byrne: "Would be the best thing to happen to Burnley's night life!"

Victor Mcivor: "For all you youth out there Burnley was by far the best night ever in the 90s -Friday and sat sun afternoons were also a delight-You’d benefit from a town with old Skool hours, trust me."

Gina Thornton: "I live in Burnley and completely agree that something needs to change. I feel Burnley has changed for the worse over the years and hopefully something like this may help towards making it a nicer place to live, visit and socialise."

Tom Oakley: "24hr licences have ruined not only the atmosphere but also the actual pubs, bars and clubs themselves. Too few people spread over too many venues over too many hours means none of them can make ends meet which is why they change name and ownership every six months. 11.30 closing for pubs and 2am licences only issued to a certain percentage of clubs would create a thriving atmosphere and healthy businesses."

Richard Ingram: "The 24 hour drinking as caused excess drinking at home, then hitting town at 12pm, causing harm to people's health and disorderly behaviour in the town centre. It is not good for Burnley and England to encourage this culture."

Mark Dempsey: "As a multiple bar operator in Burnley and seeing the damage the extreme late night licensing is having both in terms of anti social behaviour, destruction of the night time economy and the health and social implications on the borough. This review and change needs to be made not only in Burnley but also nationwide."

John Greenwood: "Yes. Burnley used to be a great night out but letting places stay open till 7am every weekend has completely killed it."

Jessica Nerney: "100% it would enable the bars to flourish you go out theses days and there is hardly anyone around, no atmosphere...Then all the kids come out at 1am already had a few so don't really spend much money anyways."

Kristie Louise Betterton: "The 24 hours drinking is toxic and doesn’t help with alcohol consumption problems that a good majority of people deal with, drunken fights etc

I get from a business, who provides this ridiculous service, in that it’s what makes their business run, but I’m sure if it goes back to 3am closing then as long as you market your business right and attract the right crowd you would still have a good business. The old licensing laws didn’t stop pubs from booming then so they won’t now."