Beer is seen plastic cups prior to the Premier League match between West Ham United and Liverpool at London Stadium on November 4, 2017 in London, England.

The biggest 'wasters' in the Premier League: Where do Burnley, Newcastle United and Aston Villa rank?

It’s tradition to tuck into a half-time pie and pint when attending a match day.

But have you ever wondered what happens to the wrappers, bottles and other waste generated at a game?

Well, with COP26 well underway and rising concerns around climate change, the team at submitted an FOI request to the UK government to find out just how much rubbish is collected on match days.

The Premier League is home to some of the largest sports stadiums in the world, so it’s no surprise that across 490 of its games in the 2019/20 season it generated a combined total of 2,117 tonnes of waste with a clean-up cost of £599,518.

To put it into perspective, this weight equates to 1,000 blue whales, three million basketballs or 1,510 cars.

You can find the full piece here. Or scroll through the gallery below to reveal the worst offenders.

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