Study reveals Clarets fans as Premier League's ugliest

While beauty remains very much in the eye of the beholder, new research has revealed which football fans are the most attractive... and it's not good news for Clarets supporters.

Monday, 4th June 2018, 12:21 pm
Updated Tuesday, 5th June 2018, 10:32 am
Burnley FC fans came last, with just 1% of the vote.

A study of 2,543 UK-based football-following adults aged 18 and over carried out by has uncovered the Premier League's dishiest die-hards and most sultry supporters, with fans of Leicester City (with 9% of the vote), Brighton (8%), and Manchester City (8%) voted the top three most attractive.

Unfortunately for Turf Moor regulars, Burnley fans were - alongside Swansea City supporters - voted the least attractive, getting just 1% of the vote from the polling, which collected information from an approximately equal number of fans from each of the 20 Premier League fan bases.

“Beauty is definitely all subjective, but it is interesting to see where each football team stands in order of attractiveness (according to fans)," said Tom Rooney, spokesperson for, who also conducted research to see which fans at the World Cup were the most attractive, with Brazil (14%), Sweden (12%, and Mexico (9%) afficionados topping the list and England coming 30th.

"I was very surprised to see how low down England was in the list of most attractive World Cup fans," added Tom. "I assumed that many fans would vote for themselves but it turns out, England fans just don’t fancy themselves!”

Perennially desperate for a manager who will espouse an 'attractive' style of football, respondents were also asked if they had ever tried to chat someone up at a football match, with 44% replying that they had, and if anyone had ever tried chatting them up, with just 11% saying they had.