Study: Clarets fans to spend £2,000 following Burnley home and away in the Premier League

A new study has revealed that dedicated Clarets fans are set to spend over £1,000 on travel to away games alone this season as they rack up over 6,650 miles on the road - the third most in the Premier League.
Turf More Money: following the Clarets home and away can cost a fan an arm and a leg...Turf More Money: following the Clarets home and away can cost a fan an arm and a leg...
Turf More Money: following the Clarets home and away can cost a fan an arm and a leg...

The research, conducted by loan provider Wonga, has uncovered the astronomical mileages involved with following Premier League teams across all 38 gameweeks, with Burnley supporters' schedules up there with the most travel-heavy in the division.

Die-hard Clarets determined not to miss a game will cover over 2,000 miles and spend £300 more than some of their counterparts from the capital, as the presence of seven teams located within the M25 makes for an abundance of short away trips for London-based supporters: three of the top five shortest away trips are between London clubs.

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With relatively time-friendly journeys to Manchester, Merseyside, and Huddersfield, however, Burnley are far from the worst-off team when it comes to those 4am starts piled in the car for an away game on the south coast, with fans of the league's lone North East representatives Newcastle United his with the worst geographical timetable.

Faced with the highest costs (£1,401.81) when it comes to driving to away games, Newcastle United fans are on course to traverse 9,115 miles by car should they attend every single one of their side's matches, as four of the top five longest away trips in the Premier League involve Newcastle and the other being Burnley to Brighton.

“Football fans in the UK are among the most dedicated in the world, following their teams all over the country," said James McMaster, Head of Marketing in the UK at Wonga. "But our research shows that the cost of this loyalty varies hugely from team to team.

"The expenses involved can be staggering when you look at the whole season," James added. "Remarkably, it can sometimes work out cheaper to travel and watch a game abroad.”

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Despite the fact that the extreme travel costs are usually offset somewhat by cheaper season tickets for Northern clubs - Arsenal's cheapest season ticket is £891 (the league's most expensive) compared to £299 at Manchester CIty's Etihad Stadium (the league's cheapest) - the cost of following the Clarets home and away having bought a home shirt is estimated at an eye-popping £1,937.47.