Police urge caution after elderly Ribble Valley man is tricked out of thousands of pounds

Elderly and vulnerable residents, especially those living alone, are being advised to be on their guard after a victim was defrauded out of a significant amount of money.

Police said the methods used were "very sophisticated" and they would like to take this opportunity to issue some crime prevention advice surrounding the safety of people's money.

A Lancashire Police spokesman said: "We are aware that not many elderly residents will have access to Social Media, so we are urging you to check up on your elderly relatives or neighbours and pass on this crime prevention advice to them. Your bank will NEVER ask you to move your money into another account; your bank will NEVER ask you for your PIN number or any other personal security details. If you are speaking with your bank on the phone and they ask for details which you are uneasy about divulging, do not hesitate to hang up and recall the bank yourself to confirm the legitimacy. Always be wary of texts asking you to confirm bank details, HMRC will NEVER text you to ask you to log into an account. If you are in doubt about any texts or emails you receive which ask you to supply personal information and you suspect they may be fraudulent, contact police on 101."

Police have issued the safety warning following the incident