Here is a round up of petrol and diesel prices you will pay in Burnley this week

This is where to find the cheapest petrol in Burnley today as prices reach all-time high

Burnley motorists continue to feel the pinch as UK petrol and diesel prices hit an all time high as oil prices rise.

By Sue Plunkett
Monday, 14th March 2022, 11:41 am

The average UK price of diesel has breached 155p per litre for the first time, while petrol is above 151p per litre. And in Burnley some stations have put their prices up by 10 to 14 pence a litre in the space of a week.

The Ukraine conflict is affecting fuel prices as Russia is one of the world’s largest producers of oil and gas, so any disruptions to its production processes has a impact.

Here is another round up of the prices you will pay to fill up your car at the petrol pumps in Burnley this week, from £166.9p as the most expensive to £157.9p as the cheapest for petrol and £165.9p for diesel up to £176.9p.

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