Newly-built house in Cliviger countryside refused retrospective planning permission

A newly-built detached house in the Burnley countryside could have to be torn down after the development was refused retrospective planning permission.

The house, located off The Long Causeway, Cliviger, has been partially built with roof, windows and an attached garage.

But a retrospective planning application made to Burnley Borough Council has been refused by the council's planning office.

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The reasons stated are that the dwelling is "located on land outside the development boundary and is not considered to be in a sustainable location, and would not contribute in any meaningful way to the enhancing or maintaining the vitality of the rural community."

The house in question

Furthermore, the development is seen to be contrary to Burnley’s Local Plan of July 2018.

The planning officer's decision went on to state that: "By virtue of the scale, design, massing and disproportionate use of glazing, the dwelling affords a greater level of visual prominence that would contrast to the character and appearance of the open countryside location in which it sits."

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It is not known at this stage whether the applicant will appeal the decision.

A spokesman for Burnley Council said: "If the applicant disagrees with the decision they can appeal, within six months of the date on the decision notice from the local planning authority, to the planning inspectorate."

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If the appeal is unsuccessful, Burnley Council confirmed that it would seek removal (of the house) and the land be restored to any previous state before the works had commenced.