Nelson resident slams quality of road resurfacing works

A Nelson resident has described work to resurface a road near his father's house as "very poor".

Mr Shahid Rashid, whose father lives in Lomeshaye Road, said a number of residents were unhappy with the work to resurface the joint back street of Lomeshaye Road and St Mary’s Street in Nelson.

Pendle Borough Council arranged for the work to be done on behalf of Nelson Town Council.

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Mr Rashid said: "The whole block of residents are very unsatisfied with the workmanship. This work which should’ve taken several days had been ongoing for three weeks and the workmen have cut corners.

Resurfacing work on Lomeshaye Road has been criticised by residents

"I have spoken to five Pendle Council councillors who have all agreed the quality and standard of work is poor. We as tax payers pay good money for our council tax and when we need to complaint no one will hear us out.

"The council in the past have resurfaced other backstreets in the same vicinity but had always used a different contractor. On this occasion, as one of the councillors claimed, corners have been cut to save funds. This work was also done by a new contractor who obviously was the cheapest option when the work was tendered."

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Philip Mousdale, Pendle Council's Interim Chief Executive, said: "Pendle Council arranged for the resurfacing work to be done on behalf of Nelson Town Council.

"We will be meeting with representatives of the Town Council to discuss the complaints."

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The road

Nick Harbour, assistant town clerk for Nelson Town Council, said: "We are discussing the comments highlighted by Mr Rashid with Pendle Borough Council, who are responsible in engaging with the contractors and to ensure that the works carried out are to a high standard.

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"We have an ambitious project to improve the quality of life for Nelson residents and have worked with Pendle Borough Council to deliver backstreet improvements to a high standard in lots of areas in Nelson. We’ll continue to work with Pendle Borough Council and residents to ensure that works are carried out to a good standard."