Nelson Grammar School alumni support orphaned Kenyan students

After changing the life of an orphaned Kenyan student by funding her education, a group of former Nelson Grammar School alumni are rallying their former schoolmates once again to help another pupil in need.
The old Nelson Grammar School.The old Nelson Grammar School.
The old Nelson Grammar School.

Keen to make a difference to the lives of children so poor they have no money for shoes, books, or proper food and are forced to survive off plates of rice, cabbage, and rotten potatoes, dozens of former NGS chipped in £105-per-month between them to cover the costs for 13-year-old Akuma.

Despite dreaming of one day becoming a doctor, Akuma almost had to stop going to lessons because she could no longer afford the school fees until Mike Wainwright, who was at NGS during the 1950s and now lives in Mombasa, heard of her plight.

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Forming the Nelson Reunion Support Fund, the former NGS students came together to donate various amounts which in total have so far paid for Akuma’s first year in high school, prompting one of Mike's Kenyan friends to say: “What a great school you must have attended, where you were taught to value and care for others less fortunate!”

"The girls just love school but many children go hungry here in Kenya and girls are still very much second-class citizens in this part of Africa," said Mike at the time. "I know how fortunate I was to have had a good education at Nelson Grammar School and never to have gone hungry. These girls’ mother died two years ago and they are so poor that sometimes they have nothing to eat."

In just over a year’s time, Mike will be seeking sponsorship for Akuma’s younger sister, Crystal. If anyone or any group is interested and willing to commit to this (costing around £1,250 pa for four years) then please email [email protected] or contact Rev Wiseman, who is always happy to welcome new members to Nelson Reunion, on 01756 797 443.

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