Mountain rescue called to help injured cyclist in Gisburn

Members of the Bowland Pennine Mountain Rescue team were called out this afternoon after a cyclist dislocated his knee cap while on a popular bike track.
Mountain rescue volunteers at the sceneMountain rescue volunteers at the scene
Mountain rescue volunteers at the scene

The incident happened just after 1pm at the Gisburn Forest Bike Trails and the cyclist was taken to hospital.

A spokesman for BPMR said: "Today the team were called out to assist a cyclist with a lower leg injury and a dislocated knee cap at Gisburn Forest Bike Trails. He had superb support from his fellow riders so we had a relatively simple job of transporting him back along the forest trails to his friends car after a check up and wrapping him in a Blizzard Blanket. They then transported him to hospital near his home. We wish him speedy recovery."