Lancashire people share their experiences of Long Covid

Long term effects of coronavirus has effected thousands of people
Thousands of people have reported symptoms of Long Covid
Photo: ShutterstockThousands of people have reported symptoms of Long Covid
Photo: Shutterstock
Thousands of people have reported symptoms of Long Covid Photo: Shutterstock

While Covid-19 passes quickly for most people some have found themselves suffering for weeks or months beyond the initial illness.

Research suggests around one in five people who test positive for Covid-19 have symptoms for five weeks or longer with around one in 10 people reporting debilitating effects for more than three months.

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Some people report Long Covid as like a cycle of improving and then getting worse again and these long-term effects aren’t only among those who needed hospital treatment, or even who felt seriously unwell when they first caught the virus.

We invited Lancashire Post readers who have had Long Covid to share their experience on our Facebook page and dozens of you did.

Was poorly last March, no tests at the time so couldn’t confirm- since then, I’ve had pleurisy, chest infections, kidney/ bladder infections, tinnitus, fatigue, shortness of breath and chest pains randomly. I have a very limited lifestyle now- 10 months in- due to extreme fatigue, if I try and do even the simplest of tasks like making a meal. Although I am aware that others are struggling even more! Most recently attended A&E again just last night with SOB and chest pains but nothing shows in tests- the doctor said I was the most convincing case for Long Covid that he had seen.

Julie Carlisle

Was positive last October - Lost my hearing in my right ear and still not fully back. Not too poorly other than that - very breathless when walking round the house but no other symptoms.

Michelle Haythornthwaite

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I think I’ve had it but they weren’t testing at the time, it was the week starting first lockdown, before I had whatever it was my asthma was well controlled, now I’m on a strong steroid inhaler. I still get sudden bouts of breathlessness and coughing fits, I still get easily tired. Whatever I had also attacked my nervous system. I ended up with stroke like symptoms very scary. Also had a very metallic taste that lasted about two months.

Emma Hall

I found that when I ate cold things such as cereals and tinned fruit it was okay but anything I heated, cooked, boiled or warmed thru was awful... so pizza, toast, baked beans etc. just incredibly metallic or like they had been dipped in strong chemicals.

John Norris

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Lancashire people share their experiences of coronavirus symptoms

Ettie Bateson

Tested positive in October suffered bad headaches up to Christmas still no smell or taste but now my taste is coming back but everything either taste burnt or like washing up liquid. Had bad nose bleeds and scabs up my nose too.

Jade Tolen

Still not back to normal. Problems with my ears, headaches, tiredness, short of breath, insomnia, I’ve become anxious about everything the list goes on. Covid has a lot to answer for.

Nicola Spurr

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Positive December 1. Still suffering with horrific headaches, taste and smell not 100 per cent, incredibly tired still and problems breathing.

Emma Smith

Tested positive in September, still suffering with shortness of breath, heart palpitations, nerve damage (peripheral neuropathy), exhaustion and insomnia. It really is no fun.

Zoë Durling

I tested positive and was very unwell for a few weeks in October. I’m still suffering with constant bad headaches, exhaustion, shortness of breath for doing very little, palpitations and increased anxiety.

Danielle Wilson

Started with it Christmas Day, still tired during day and struggle sleeping at night . Get out of breath doing simplest things like tieing shoe laces or going up stairs. Still get headaches and last week started with a sore throat on right side when I swallow, pain is now up right side of neck, behind ear and back of head and its sore to touch all that side now.

Chris Pearson

Abida Rasool

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Tested positive November 2, still breathless pottering about the house, no taste or smell apart from phantom smells of burning. I still get really bad headaches and tiredness.

Dawn Grimshaw

Had Covid in November, was in hospital on ICU and RHCU for 12 days. I still get chest pains, palpitations and out of breath . When I can smell I usually smell burning rubber / plastic but still can’t taste anything most days.

Gillian Mather

End of March beginning of April, still can’t smell most things, cough, palpitations.

Janet Scott

Mid-March 2020. Still struggle with joints, fatigue and the worst of all the cough that’s persistent and a nightmare! Mix it with what I would say only 70% the lung capacity I once had...

Ashley Whitham

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Yes I got ill March 15, in bed for couple week I have COPD but no cough different but just felt so poorly stomach issues all different silly symptoms. No appetite at all. lost taste and smell, lost one and a half stone, still getting symptoms now 10 months on. Smell wood burning, cigarette smoke, my turkey smelled of fish couldn’t eat any. It’s like it’s still inside me and pops up saying I’m still here...

Trish Roberts

Yes last April/May was really poorly for three weeks, my loss of taste lasted two months. Still feel my energy levels are low and gone off some of my favourite dishes, they just don’t taste the same.

Christine Allton

End of August, off work three months. Still struggling with breathing, memory fog, tiredness and very emotional. Basically not right yet.

Alison Murray

Tested positive last May. Only symptoms were loss of senses taste and smell. A little fatigued but had been working long hours. Now I can taste very slightly but still no sense of smell other than burning occasionally.

Jan Pitt

Approaching four weeks since I tested positive and I’m still very tired, still coughing, emotional and generally not right.

Stuart Webster