Identical twin sons are inspiration for Burnley furniture store manager's debut children's book

Searching for inspiration for his first book, Andrew Slinger realised it was right there in front of him in the form of his twin sons.
Andy with his twin sons Luke and Liam who were the inspiration for his debut children's novel The Super TwinsAndy with his twin sons Luke and Liam who were the inspiration for his debut children's novel The Super Twins
Andy with his twin sons Luke and Liam who were the inspiration for his debut children's novel The Super Twins

He struck upon the idea for his debut book, The Super Twins, while on holiday last year with his sons, Luke and Liam who are 11-year-old identical twins.

Mulling over ideas in his head at 5am in a caravan in Dorset it came to him like a lightening bolt when the boys woke up with their usual infectious energy.

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Andrew said: "I am always amazed at the boundless energy they seem to have, no matter what time of day it is and that's when I thought to myself I will call the book The Super Twins."

Luke and Liam with their dad's bookLuke and Liam with their dad's book
Luke and Liam with their dad's book

From that day Andrew started to write, fitting it in between his job as manager at the British Heart Foundation furniture store in Burnley and being a single parent to his boys.

Early morning 5am starts meant that some days Andrew (37) would write 100 words one day and on other days a couple of pages. But his vision for the completed book about twin brothers who each have their own super powers, kept him going.

But just as Andrew's book was beginning to take shape the pandemic hit, and he found himself furloughed from his job and working as a full time teacher to his sons.

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Determined to finish the book Andrew, who lives in Clitheroe, combined teaching and the obligatory daily Joe Wicks' workout with his writing and managed to complete three drafts. He researched how to build a website, set up social media accounts and grafted to build up followers on each.

He designed a logo and artist Kate Mottershaw agreed to do the illustrations for the book which he has self published.

Andrew admits that it hasn't been an easy journey and at times he considered giving up but again, it was his sons who spurred him on.

He said: "Whenever I was on the verge of giving up and packing it all in, I’d see the look on my boys faces and they would ask me how the book was coming along and what super powers they had and that was all the motivation I needed.

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" I wanted to show them that dreams can come true, that you can do whatever you want to do if you put your mind to it, to set an example to do what makes you happy and give it all you’ve got.

"I know they are really chuffed with the book and proud of me, that is all I could ask for. I am already working on ideas for the follow up book."

And Andrew's advice to anyone considering writing a book is to 'just start writing.'

He said: "One word leads to another and before you know it, with consistency you’ve written a chapter, then a book.

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"And don’t be scared of failing. The most successful people in the world failed many, many times before they actually made it."

The book will be officially launched via facebook live this Friday and it is available to order on Amazon or via Andy's website