Hotline to report those who fail to clean up after their dogs in Burnley

Burnley Council has launched a telephone hotline to enable residents to report irresponsible dog owners who fail to clean up after their pet.
Couns. Margaret Lishman (left) and Cosima Towneley with the hotline number.Couns. Margaret Lishman (left) and Cosima Towneley with the hotline number.
Couns. Margaret Lishman (left) and Cosima Towneley with the hotline number.

The hotline – 01282 475932 – is part of a campaign to tackle dog fouling and catch those responsible for spoiling our communities.

The council is encouraging people to “dish the dirt” and help identify those owners who don’t clean up after their dogs, and highlight the “hot spots” where dog fouling is a particular problem so that enforcement work can be more targeted and effective.

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The information needed to catch those owners who don’t pick up the poop includes:

- Their name and/or address

- Any other ways of identifying them

- The kind of dog(s) they own

- When and where the event takes place

Counc. Cosima Towneley, the council’s executive member for community and environmental services, said: “Most dog owners are responsible, carry bags and clean up after their pets. But there is a still but determined minority who continue to leave their dog muck on pavements, paths and community areas which cause unpleasant surprises for those playing or just passing by.

“No-one wants to drag dog dirt into their homes, cars or buildings.

“We want to catch and fine those owners who are prepared to leave their dog’s business wherever they please. But we can only do that with the help of residents who often know, where and when this is happening.

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“We would ask responsible residents to call the hotline and leave information that our officers can act on and target enforcement patrols to make sure we catch and fine those owners who are responsible for spoiling our borough.”

Councn Margaret Lishman, executive member for finance and performance management, added: “We’ve increased the fine for dog fouling from £75 to £100 this year. We’re hoping that, together with the fact that they know that someone might be providing their details to the council, will encourage owners to be more responsible and clean up after their dog. If people start getting hit with a £100 fine then perhaps they’ll change their ways and start doing the right thing.

“It’s not a lot to ask but it would make a massive difference to how clean our streets and grassed areas are.”

Doggie bags can be put into any litter bin, not just dog bins, provided the bags are tied up and securely closed – any bin is better than no bin.