Here is an inside look at a new 'friendly' family hub in Burnley offering wrap-around support

The Burnley Express has taken an inside look at a new Burnley family hub.

Lancashire County Council launched the Tay Street Family Hub last Thursday to provide numerous wrap-around services and support, from mental health to special education needs and disabilities (SEND), all in one place.

It is part of the Family Hubs Network, which provides support for all stages of family life, from pregnancy through to 19-years-old (or 25 for SEND).

Kathy Ashworth, Head of Services For Early Help in Lancashire, said: “The family hub is giving us the chance to have a focal point so that services are all in one place.

People have been isolated and services delivered differently due to the Covid-19 pandemic but now we’re getting back to a level playing field and families want to get back to accessing services face-to-face in their community.

"The new hub is an one-stop, friendly place that introduces people to a range of services, like the NHS, health visitors and midwifery, and will support families around mental health, and with special educational needs. Any family can come in and get a friendly face and warm response.”

Talking about the need for people to access a range of support in one location, Kathy added: “It can be quite a struggle for families who need different services, especially with a number of children with different needs. Now they only need to tell their story once.

"They will be brought into a space where they can also connect with other families who have experienced similar challenges: peer support is another great dimension to the hub.

"I just want to encourage people to find out what we have got to offer. Don't be worried, don't be frightened: the door is open and we're looking forward to meeting our families.”

The program of services starts this week. For times and days, visit the Family Hub section of the Lancashire County Council website.