Gawthorpe Hall gets Blue Peter badge after featuring on Halloween show

Gawthorpe Hall has earned its Blue Peter badge after providing the setting for a Halloween prank on presenter Richie Driss.

Friday, 1st November 2019, 12:29 pm
Richie Driss (centre) with Max and Harvey Mills at Gawthorpe Hall.
Richie Driss (centre) with Max and Harvey Mills at Gawthorpe Hall.

Heading up to East Lancashire nuder the auspices of filming a tour of the hall and to learn about the history of the clocks going back in Autumn, Richie was none the wiser to the actual intentions of the Blue Peter crew, who had rigged Gawthorpe with hidden cameras.

Increasingly scared by the crashes, bangs, and all things creepy created by CBBC's Fomo presenters Max and Harvey Mills, Richie was caught on camera leaping about in fright before the twins finally appeared near the end of the tour. Safe to say Mr Driss was well and truly pranked: he had to be peeled off the floor having been wound up to fever pitch.

Already boasting a naturally atmospheric air to it, Gawthorpe Hall proved a perfect setting for the prank, with staff rejoicing in the challenge of helping come up with tricks to create the right ambience. Slamming doors and flickering lights were highlights, but the coup de grace was a supposedly-ancient clock falling off a shelf of its own volition.

The clock that Blue Peter broke

The clock - thankfully a prop - is now on display at the hall, which closes after the 3rd or November. The episode of Blue Peter was shown on CBBC on October 31st and is available on catch-up.

Gawthorpe Hall is open to visitors until Sunday 3rd November, 12pm – 5pm with an admission charge. It is also open on Sat 7th and Sun 8th of December for the Victorian Christmas event. It is run by Lancashire County Council Museum Service on behalf of the National Trust.