Kitchens petrol (£165.9p) diesel (£177.9p)Kitchens petrol (£165.9p) diesel (£177.9p)
Kitchens petrol (£165.9p) diesel (£177.9p)

Fuel price cuts: The price you will pay at the pumps in Burnley today after 5p price cut

News that fuel prices will be cut for the next year offers a crumb of comfort to motorists in Burnley.

Chancellor Rishi Sunak announced a temporary five pence per litre cut yesterday and it came into force last night at 6pm. This is only the second time in 20 years fuel duty has been cut.

The price slash will remain in place until March next yea,r which is perhaps the saving grace of the news as the price of diesel has rocketed around 20p a litre in just 10 days.

In light of the news here is a round up of petrol and diesel prices at stations across Burnley. The cheapest you will pay for petrol is £158.1p and the most expensive is £169.9p. Cheapest diesel price is £170.7p and the highest £182.9p

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