Former head videographer at Burnley Football Club and mum of two 'saves' Christmas for thousands of parents with her elf passport idea

An creative mum of two is on the Christmas card list of parents across the county after coming up with an inspired idea to help them face the festive season.

By Susan Plunkett
Thursday, 3rd December 2020, 2:55 pm

Like thousands of other parents, Nicola Wells and her partner, Darren Bentley, enjoy taking part in the festive tradition with their six-year-old son Harrison as part of the countdown to Christmas Day.

The tradition involves a cheeky elf 'visiting' youngsters from December 1st to the 25th. Each night he does something different and the children love waking up to discover what he has been up to each day.

Nicola, who used to work at Burnley Football Club as head videographer before leaving to start her own business, was wracking her brain for ideas for Harrison's elf, who is called Bobby.

Nicola's two boys, Harrison (six) and Jack who is eight months old.

And this year she has a second elf, who will be named Billie, to think of also for the couple's second son,Jack, who was born eight months ago.

Nicola said: "It is a real challenge to come up with something different every year so, thinking about covid, I decided to create a passport for Harrison's elf."

Nicola, who grew up in Burnley but has lived in Colne for several years, let her imagination run away with her, designing an authentic looking miniature passport for Bobby complete with his date of birth and eye scanner.

When Nicola told a couple of friends about the passport idea they pleaded with her to make one for their elves and within a few days the Elf Headquarters was launched online.

Nicola and her partner, Darren Bentley with their sons Harrison and Jack.

Parents can buy their own hand-made elf passport, along with a magic key, reindeer food, a mini candy cane and a North Pole-UK travel corridor pass.

Nicola said: "I am a bit late to the party as most people start in August but I started in the past two weeks!

"The passport may not be needed next Christmas but I have plenty of other ideas I am working on already."