Former Burnley theatre school star lands role in musical penned by Broadway composers

A promising young actress, and former member of Burnley theatre school Basics, who wowed audiences when she sacrificed her locks for a plum role, is to star in a musical written by Broadway composers.

Friday, 5th November 2021, 12:35 pm

Millie Green is among the cast of the UK premiere workshop of the musical Experience Marianas.

Broadway writers Rob Rokicki and Sarah Beth Pfeifer will be travelling from New York to develop the show alongside the students of University Centre Weston – Academy of Performing Arts, where Millie is in her third year of a BA Honours degree in musical theatre.

The show is a high-octane, darkly comedic examination of systems of control and how we struggle to define our identities within them. The curtain goes up on the production in early December at the Tropicana Theatre in Weston-super-Mare.

Former Basics Theatre School star Millie Green has landed a role in a production from the pen of two Broadway composers

Millie said: " I am playing the role of Lala, one of the 'elders', who are the founders of the Marianas Institute along with leader 'Dr Davis Johnson'.

"My character is feisty and easy to anger and tries at every opportunity to prove herself."

During her time at university Millie has had the opportunity to work with industry professionals including collaborating with Broadway writers and composers and performers and creatives in the West End.

Millie (21) said: "We have been exposed to casting directors and agents who have given us advice to build our experience and professionalism before we head into the industry.

"My university has arranged for an agent showcase to take place in April next year so I am working hard in the hopes to pick up representation from that. I have been applying for masters degree auditions in musical theatre at conservatoires but if I don't get in I plan to put myself forward for as many West End and cruise ship auditions as I can."

It was a dream come true for Millie and when audiences saw Fantine chop off her beautiful long hair to sell so she can feed her child, Cosette, it was for real.

For Millie made the momentous decision to have her own shoulder length hair lopped off for the role.

Millie, a former pupil at Burnley' s Blessed Trinity RC High School, said: "This was the role I have always wanted and when I auditioned for it and got the part it really was my dream so I decided to go all out for it.

"It was a major decision to get my hair cut as it has been long since I was a little girl and it was very much part of my identity and my comfort blanket in a way."

Millie wore a wig for the first part of the show at Colne's Pendle Hippodrome Theatre but she discarded it after she is forced to sell her crowning glory.

The rising star, who is from Padiham, was so dedicated to her art she put off going to university for a year. And the plum role rounded off her nine years at Basics, during which time she has appeared in 12 shows, on a real high.