Eye catching painted pebbles help Burnley woman discover new talent and raise cash for hospice

An idea she came up with to brighten up her garden has brought out an artistic side in Tracey Smith she never knew existed.

And family and friends were so impressed with her painted rocks and pebbles they began putting in requests for them!

"I have never done anything like this before in my life, in fact I was that bad at art I wasn't allowed to do it at school," Tracey said.

"I have never considered myself to be artistic at all. It started with me wanting to brighten up the garden with some colour."

Tracey Smith with some of her painted pebbles that are helping to raise money for Pendleside Hospice


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From abstract designs, flowers and animals to inspirational quotes and house numbers, Tracey has built up quite a collection of pebbles, all brightly coloured, eye catching and cheerful, that have gone out to family, friends and workmates for their homes and gardens.

The deputy booking centre manager at Burnley General Hospital, mum of three Tracey is painting the pebbles free of charge and last week she requested that those who receive one make a donation to Pendleside Hospice.

So far she has raised around £100 but after receiving several requests for her most recent pebble, a painted hedgehog, that total looks set to rise.

Tracey's fiance, Simon Cook has been helping with the painting and her colleagues even clubbed together to buy her new paints.


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A close up of some of Tracey's amazing painted pebbles

She added: "I find it so relaxing and enjoyable, a great stress buster after a long day at work."

Tracey is already well known across Burnley and Pendle thanks to her Natter Shack initiative which she launched last year to help bring people who may feel lonely or isolated together.